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Monday, 19th March 2018
Sarhul » When is Sarhul?

When is Sarhul?

When is Sarhul

If you wish to know when is Sarhulcelebrated, we have all the information for you. Generally, the festival of Sarhul is celebrated in spring during the months of March-April according to the Georgiancalendar. It is considered to be a festival of nature.

The Sarhul 2018 date is March 19th. In the Kolhan region, the festival is known as the flower festival or ‘Baa Porob’. Sarhul 2018 is much awaited by the Oraon tribe to celebrate with splendour. The tribal people have started making arrangements for celebrating Sarhul 2018. Some people of Odisha celebrate this festival too.

The festival has its connection withShaal tree, Earth and sun. The tribes worship the village deity in glory of the commencement of a new year. People sing and dance to welcome Sarhul, the beginning of a new year.

The festival relates to good fertility and accomplishments of the farms in tribal lands. As a result, it is a decorating event for nature and is enjoyed with different varieties of cuisines. A well-known drink called ‘Diang’ is distributed as the sanctified food after the worship of the deity. Participate and enjoy in Sarhul Festival 2018 on 19th March and become a part of India’s another great festival.